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I am a victim.

My Weber grill of 25 years has been stolen.

The bastards didn’t take my POS Brinkman smoker, or either one of my gas grills that were right there. Just my old reliable, beat to hell, favorite Weber.

Welp.. I’ll have to buy a new one ­čÖé 

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Sunday cold smoke

Thought I do a little cold smoking this morning.  


Had a bag of peanuts just sitting there so why not. 


The old Brinkman isn’t that bad for smoking with some mods, but it’s really great for a cold smoker. With a couple screws you can add all kinds of racks. Load up an AmaZ N smoker tray and let it rip. 

And lemme tell you a smoked brats and peanuts with a homebrewed alt bier is damn good Sunday.  

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Eggs and Vodka


Cant waste too much space, so I put a pan of vodka on top. 

Smoked vodka bloodies in the morning!

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Jealous lunch

Everyone at work who is walking by is giving me the eye.
Fresh smoked salmon, and homemade bread for lunch.


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