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Wing ring

Got a chance to give the wing ring a shot. Not sure what it’s really called but the name fits

Purpose is to bounce the heat off the top of the Weber and spill it all around.

Works pretty well. The wind was horrendous that day.. but wings ended up great. Crispy skins but not dried up on inside.

Gonna need another run just to make sure but so far it works fine. Can’t tell if I’m really gaining any space though.

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Cast Iron

We take a slight pause in action for a kettle cook.

Thank you.

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Getting ready to break in the new kettle

Oh so good. The new Weber hits same temps as old one did, so not so much adjustment needed.

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Back in the game

Finally got me a new Weber since mine got ripped off a few months back.

Picked up some ribs to break it in with.

Stay tuned

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A few wings on the old 

Since I still haven’t replaced my weber grill yet, I needed to breakout the old modified Brinkman. Yea its old and inefficient, but it does get the job done.

It’s about time I did some wings again.

Plus I’m brewing up an American Amber with featuring Eureka hops. Can’t wait!

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Pork Chops

The kids wanted pork chops for the moms day cook out. Threw on some potatoes with them. 

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I am a victim.

My Weber grill of 25 years has been stolen.

The bastards didn’t take my POS Brinkman smoker, or either one of my gas grills that were right there. Just my old reliable, beat to hell, favorite Weber.

Welp.. I’ll have to buy a new one 🙂 

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